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 new album by Serge Bodart

"New Impressions" – The new album by Serge Bodart

Bonjour à tous,
Amsa Recordings et Serge Bodart Musique sont heureux de vous présenter le nouvel album "New Impressions".
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Hétéroclite, intime, tourmenté, évocateur… Cet album rassemble d’anciennes sources remaniées et de nouvelles inspirations. Il constitue à la fois un bilan, un inventaire et les prémices de nouveaux projets. Une sorte de synthèse de l’Ancien et du Moderne, en évitant la querelle... 
Profitez de la fusion entre des ricochets d'archets et des rythmiques générées par des pianos préparés, d'espaces sonores issus du vent et de pan drums, de bansuris mais aussi de guitares électriques, de cuivres et de moogs.
L’album a été conçu comme un ensemble, un parcours au cœur de multiples sources d’inspiration. Je vous invite à vous arrêter un instant et à l’écouter d’une traite.
C’est le sens de la pochette et du morceau phare « Bansuri ». Se réfugier sur une colline légendaire, le Bansuri, contempler ses contemporains courir encore et toujours, plus vite, plus loin. Et laisser venir à soi de nouvelles impressions.
Je vous remercie déjà pour vos écoutes attentionnées.

The beginning

Bansuri is a journey

It is a journey of self-realisation. I started off wanting to express myself, but without knowing what exactly it was I wanted to express. When it was born, Bansuri hinted at its meaning, but I couldn't hear it. It tortured me for weeks. It spoke, I listened, but I couldn't understand. I asked, is this what you mean?, and I added percussions. No, it growled back. What about this? And I increased the volume. Noooo, Bansuri howled. I groaned, well express yourself properly!, and listened again and again to its explanations, as I looked out of the window, at the fields. It happened that we lost patience with each other and we would have to take a few days' break.
Then we would resume our struggle. One ordinary and yet fabulous day, something clicked. Bansuri told me its story. I heard and understood. I translated it into sound. Bansuri was a legendary mountain to the top of which the listener could climb, and from that peaceful altitude, watch the people way below run, forever run, ever further, ever faster – watch them from afar, and be awashed with new impressions.
Other songs were born without so much anguish, or indeed, without much effort at all. They came, they expressed themselves, I understood what they had to say and translated it into music.

I lived together with one of the pieces for many years before some photos and texts I received recounting a rainy Japanese garden inspired me to complete it. One was an unwelcome order for a play; an order which made me complain and sigh and procrastinate, but which ended up being an unexpected lesson, and a new window onto new possibilities.
Some pieces started off with names such as Test_VLC_piano34_V5, as I tried out new sounds, but haunted me until I allowed them to say all they had to say. Some of the most fascinating sounds are nearly inaudible and yet they add so much texture, such depth to the whole – which is why I can't insist enough that you listen on real, true loudspeakers and not, oh please I pray you!, not on your phone or your laptop.

♪ Serge Bodart - Bansuri (Orange Sky Version)
Music composed and performed by Serge Bodart
Recorded and mixed at SBMP's studio / Sart-Risbart
Archive images taken while touring the show "Est-ce qu'on ne pourrait pas s'aimer un peu?" in Canada, France and in Tahiti. (Thanks to Sandrine, Thu-Van, Eric, Anne-Pascale, Corentin, Luc, Serge, Laurent and Christine)
Editing by Rachel Akindavyi
An AMSA Recordings's production - All rights reserved 
(C) 2019

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